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Timber & Lumber ID Tags & Labels

We offer rugged, tear and water resistant Timber Tags as well as heat resistant Timber Tags that will stand up to extended periods of outdoor use. We can include your company logo and barcodes in both colour or black and white in any design or size option you require.

Error reduction is one of the most important factors when selecting a tagging system for your timber packs and logs. Our Timber Tags help you organise and track your inventory and make it easier for your fork lift driver, pickers and others to find

Log Tags, Lumber Tags and Timber Treatment Tags:  These tags are used to identify logs from the sawmill to the warehouse floor and are attached to the end of each log. They help in tracking the log’s origin, species, and other relevant information. Some of the popular types of tags include plastic log tags, repulpable log tags, digestible log tags, veneer log tags, kiln tags, and bundle tags. Victory Press offer all types of timber tags and are fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs.

We also provide Weighbridge Dockets, Delivery Docket Books, Hazard Incident Books and can cater to all your printing requirements.

We welcome your enquiries, and will be happy to discuss your tag and label requirements.

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